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Optimising Outcomes

Introducing Compertum

An innovation in online assessment, allowing you to accurately measure workplace knowledge, understanding and competence. With unique statistical analysis algorithms, our solution provides more insight than traditional question systems, supporting effective decision for training and oversight.

Use Compertum to assess competence more efficiently and support you with the following:

  • Identifying knowledge gaps and addressing weak areas of comprehension
  • Creating optimal training interventions and supervision
  • Improving the performance of your employees and business

Our online assessment software can be used to easily create and deploy assessments, providing rich L&D data and auditable evidence of training and assessment.

Easily improve existing questions and banks, create new questions in a range of formats to generate unlimited question banks.

Create automated templates using secure authoring for multiple exams and assessment.

Then take advantage of advanced metrics providing insight into the effectiveness of your training through deeper analysis of behaviour during testing and understand the true return on your investment in training, recruitment and communication through Compertum's unique reporting.

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Working alongside our Learning Portal, Compertum Lite offers you the opportunity to benefit from our Compertum assessment technology, providing you with the advanced metrics, you need to assess the effectiveness of your training and identify gaps in understanding across your eLearning.

Using a predetermined set of questions for each assessment, Compertum Lite can be used to assess the learner's level of certainty within knowledge areas through deeper analysis of the learner's behaviour.

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