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Often under-utilised in the training process, effective assessment can identify focussed training needs, measure training effectiveness, and establish supervision levels. Our team of learning and developing experts can advise on the best use of assessment and as required, craft effective question banks.

Traditional methods of assessment provide you with a simple score. This provides very limited feedback on an individual's certainty of knowledge; it will not tell you why an individual scored in the way they did, or their level of certainty when answering a question.

Wouldn’t it be great if your assessment software could measure behaviour and identify an individual’s confidence in their answers, helping you to define the next steps of learning development allowing for the exploration of different learning paths for different individuals as opposed to a costly and ineffective “one size fit all” approach?

Do you want to better assess the quality and effectiveness of training and ensure competency levels are improving? Find out more about Compertum.

The presentation below addresses the key changes in today's learning environment and how we can react to these changes, ensuring businesses are equipped with the most effective workforces possible.

Introducing Compertum

An innovation in online assessment, allowing you to accurately measure workplace knowledge, understanding and competence. With unique statistical analysis algorithms, our solution provides more insight than traditional question systems, supporting effective decision for training and oversight.

Our online assessment software can be used to easily create and deploy assessments, providing rich L&D data and audible evidence of training and assessment.

Use Compertum to assess competence more efficiently and support you with the following:

  • Identifying knowledge gaps and addressing weak areas of comprehension
  • Creating optimal training interventions and supervision
  • Improving the performance of your employees and business

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action” – Jim Rohn

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