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Text and Photos

Get your message across clearly and concisely through the use of text and make those messages come alive with either your own relevant images or images taken/provided by us. A picture is worth a thousand words and the use of the right picture at the right time can reduce your eLearning’s dependence on text therefore minimising the risk of text heavy content.

Click on the images below to view examples.

TAG Aviation History of Flight eLearning Example
Permaswage Kit eLearning Example
Composite Material eLearning example
Lithium Batteries eLearning example

Moving from traditional learning to eLearning

Switching to eLearning doesn't have to be daunting. This presentation breaks the eLearning process down into four simple steps that can take you from traditional learning to eLearning efficiently and cost effectively. Find out more about how to get your training online quickly and easily.