UAE VVIP Operator

The Client.

AMI Learning have recently supported one of our existing clients, a VVIP Operator based out of UAE, to provide a bespoke training package.

The Need.

Our customer had a requirement for a bespoke training package to cover and address the annual changes within regulations and aircraft systems, ensuring that their technical staff are up to date. It needed to be specific to the company, a consolidated course of all the content relevant and applicable to the organisation, ensuring that their engineers are up to date with their training needs.

"In May 2017 our organization had a requirement to provide a continuation training package for our four authorized Licensed Aircraft Engineers. We approached the AMI Learning and requested their assistance to provide a custom on-line training solution that would be specific to our aircraft and operation and meet the local aviation regulatory requirements by providing a training presentation with knowledge testing, certificate generation and candidate management."

Russell Lee - Quality Manager, UAE VVIP Operator

The Situation.

We already had an existing relationship with this client, as they were already using some of our off-the-shelf courses for their technical and flight crew audiences. They were initially using our Dangerous Goods Awareness course, which was already customized for them to meet the requirements of the GCAA (UAE aviation regulator).

The client used to deliver their training courses via PowerPoint in a classroom environment, which was very time consuming for both the trainers and the engineers taking time out of their work schedule to attend. They wanted to move the continuation training into an electronic platform, allowing the technicians and engineers to take the training at their own pace, with a learning portal measuring their progress and completion.

The Solution.

AMI Learning were able to work alongside the client, sharing prototype course copy and example implementation options involving different media and styles as required. We had an iterative process in place, reviewing one section at a time and gaining sign-off and approval for each part of the training in turn. We delivered all of the training through our own learning portal, with access to a certificate upon completion.

This methodical approach worked very well, as whilst the client was collating the requirements for one section, we were able to be implementing the previous allowing for a very smooth development process, with no surprises.

"AMI Learning agreed to provide the on-line training solution to the above specification, based on the raw data provided by our engineering department. The AMI staff were extremely responsive to all our requests and were proactive in identifying errors in the raw training material provided even though they were not familiar with the technical content."

Russell Lee - Quality Manager, UAE VVIP Operator

The Conclusion.

"The end product exceeded our expectations, provided a very professional presentation, reduced our workload by taking over management of the examinations and certificate generation. In addition [AMI Learning] were able to provide an off-line training package for future reference by our engineers.

I would recommend AMI Learning as a cost effective provider of custom built training solutions"

Russell Lee - Quality Manager, UAE VVIP Operator