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Optimising Outcomes

Establish eLearning Project Brief

1. Establish eLearning Project Brief

At this stage we aim to understand your overall learning goals and decide on the optimal format of learning, as well as establishing the subject matter expertise.

The output at this stage is either a proposal with fixed costs, or if project "unknowns" exist, then an expected indication of the costs.

2. Gain eLearning Project Information

At this stage we capture the course structure and training need objectives at a modular level, we establish an understanding of the target audience, including desired tone, language and corporate culture.

It is during this stage that we establish the technical requirements and focus and the output at this stage is a complete project plan and project implementation specification.

Gain eLearning Project Information
Complete eLearning Project Development

3. Complete eLearning Project Development

At this stage we produce a detailed design of each module, with sign off from you, the client. This stage involves the creation of the module components, ie. the media, text or interaction, the implementation and programming, internal reviewing and testing and customer review and approval.

The output at this stage is module design plans and eLearning SCORM/xAPI modules. Click here to see our capabilities.

4. Finalise eLearning Platform and Release

At this stage, if required, the deployment of the learning portal for eLearning delivery including:

  • Branding
  • User Journey
  • Email / Certification Configuration
  • Security Access
  • Training of Customer Administration

Final release testing on intended delivery platform. The output at this stage is your released and approved eLearning.

Finalise eLearning Platform and Release