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Optimising Outcomes


New user accounts for your learners can be created individually or en masse.

Increased traceability allows you to easily view a learner's progress and history to track learning goals.

Users can be allocated to groups to allow for quick and easy course allocation.

Accounts can be easily marked as active or inactive and access can be restricted by date.

Our learning portal can host multiple courses and any existing SCORM compliant courses can be hosted in one convenient location.


Learners can be selected individually or by group and enrolled onto a training course.

Learners can be enrolled in multiple training courses at any time.

Reminders can be setup to either be sent to the administrator or to be sent direct to the learner.

Detailed reports can be generated and exported to Excel featuring information including overall status, overall score and course pass mark.

Certificates can be set up to be issued directly to the administrator or to be downloadable by the learner upon the successful completion of a course.

The Learner

Our online Learning portal is easy for your learners to use, with a simple user-friendly interface.

Learners can gain quick access using their online learning login to multiple courses at any time.

Your Learners can benefit from being able to access the learning at times and places convenient to them.

Simple navigation allows your users to easily move around the learning portal.


The learning portal can be branded in your company's livery.

Our team of in-house developers can work with you on any customisation element you may require for your learning.


Compertum Lite can be implemented along with our Learning Portal.

Take advantage of Compertum's advanced assessment metrics to see insights into the effectiveness of your training with deeper analysis of behaviour during the testing process.

Compertum Lite allows you to establish gaps in understanding across your learning and positions you to be able to make amends going forward.